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Chief UAS Pilot Passes Remote Pilot Re-Certification Exam

Monday, August 27, 2018 14:37

On August 30, Sierra Pro Aerial Imaging's Chief UAS Pilot, John Monaco, successfully passed the FAA's Unmanned Aircraft Recurrent (UGR) exam for the Remote Pilot Certificate with a small UAS Rating. Remote drone pilots are required to pass a recurrent knowledge test within 24 calendar months of first receiving their certificate to continue to exercise the privileges of their Remote Pilot certificates.

Studying for the exam, which took about 2 days, was an excellent refresher on the rules and regulations for flying drones in our nation's air space. The Recurrent Test is heavy on operating rules, airspace classification, airspace operational requirements, airport operations, emergency procedures, aeronautical decision making, and maintenance and inspection procedures. The recurrent test consists of 40 questions to be answered within 1.5 hours. A number of questions are quite tricky. One must carefully read the questions and multiple-choice answers. A solid understanding of how to read aviation Sectional Charts is critical to passing.

Excellent study materials are available at the FAA's website under Becoming a Pilot.  The FAA's resources are free. On-line and in-person training is also available for a cost through various companies. The exam cost is $150. Figure on an average of $75 per year for testing to be able to fly legally in the United States in the "furtherance of a business," that is for commercial purposes.

Caution is now advised to those considering hiring drone pilots who claim to be "Part 107 Certified." Though they may have and present a valid FAA Remote Pilot certificate, if the date of issue has been more than 24 months ago, they may have not taken the recurrent exam to retain valid certification. Ask the drone pilot to present the Airman Knowledge Test Report with the embossed seal from the testing center to prove that they continue to be legally certified. Hiring a drone pilot that is not legally certified could result in a $11,000 fine to the person who hired them.  

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