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Founded in 2014, Sierra Pro Aerial Imaging®, LLC provides a broad range of professional, FAA-authorized aerial imaging services using small unmanned aerial systems (sUASs).


Our clients span a wide range of industries.

• Architecture, engineering

• Broadcasting

• Civil engineering

• Commercial photography

• Construction

• Entertainment, recreation

• Environment, conservation, and wildlife organizations

• Marketing, advertising

• Motion picture

• Real estate - commercial sales and leasing

• Publishing

• Public agencies - law enforcement, fire protection

• Transporation - rail, road, water, pipeline

• Telecommunications

• Insurance

• Property management, building (including roof) inspection

• Utilities - solar, power, wind, natural gas, water, steam


Imaging engagements are priced on a per-job basis. Each job is different depending on the job's scope and complexity. Pricing factors include:

• Scope of work

• Desired deliverables

• Technology requirements - from standard through thermal

• Site and mission risk factors

• Time of day - daylight, twilight, or nightime

• Terrain and shot plan complexity

• Time required for pre-flight planning

• Time required to acquire federal, state, local, and private property authorizations to be legally compliant

• Time on site for pre-flight checks, setup, and execution

• Travel expense

• Additional insurance coverage

• Additional personnel requirements

• Post processing of images and videos

• End-use image licensing

• One-time or repeat mission engagements


Headquartered in Rocklin, Calfornia, our primary service area covers most of California and eastern Nevada.