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Aerial Infrared Imaging

We provide:

> Infrared video 640 x 512 30fps

> Infrared images 640 x 512

> Radiometric images

> Reports

Aerial infrared imaging can identify moisture retention and insulation gaps in roofs. Bad cells in solar panel arrays can be quickly detected. The time to locate lost or at-risk persons during a search-and-rescue operation can be reduced significantly. Firefighters could be forewarned of impeding collapse of building sections that are on fire.

We use a flir systems based radiometric thermal imaging camera designed specifically for drones. Our chief UAS pilot is a Level 1 sUAS Certified Infrared Thermographer.


➜ See problems invisible to the eye

➜ Pinpoint temperatures

➜ Quicker assessments

➜ Actionable insight

Solar panels

Heat leaks

Search and rescue