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What is Geomatics? Geomatics is the discipline of gathering, storing, processing, and delivering geographic information, or spatially referenced information.

Geomatics includes the tools and techniques used in land surveying, remote sensing, geographic information systems (GIS), photogrammetry, among other aspects.

Photogrammetry is defined as "The art, science, and technology of obtaining reliable information about physical objects and the environment through the process of recording, measuring, and interpreting photographic images and patterns of electromagnetic radiant imagery and other phenomena." according to the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS). A more simple definition could be, the extraction of three-dimensional measurements from two-dimensional data.

We use aerial photogrammetry to produce and provide 3D representations of the earth and structures.

Our Chief UAS Pilot is a Certified UAS Technologist by the ASPRS. Additionally, he has a Geographic Information System (GIS) Specialization Certificate from UC Davis/Coursera.

Regulations in all states, and in fact most countries, apply to those who use drones to provide map products. We comply with pertinent sections of the California Professional Land Surveyors' Act covered in the California Business and Professions Code §§ 8700 - 8805. We work for or contract with PLSs under whose supervision we work as required to provide our products. Mosaic photos that are aerial photos stitched together and not orthorectified to the earth, do not depict bounderies, and may show contours only for the purpose of landscape architecture do not require a PLS.


  • Mosaic photos
  • Orthomosaic photos
  • Point clouds
  • 3D Models
  • DEMs, DSMs
  • Planimetric maps
  • Contours
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