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• Capture aerial video and still images

• Live Internet feed to home office or remote location


• Less risk of injury or worse

• Lower insurance cost, elimination of man-lifts or cranes

• Less time to conduct assessments

• Clients focus on their core competencies

• More intimate view than from manned aircraft

• Realize value without investment in training, certification,

  equipment, maintenance, insurance, and risk management


• Civil engineering

• Construction

• Environment, conservation, and wildlife organizations

• Insurance

• Property management, building (including roof) inspection

• Telecommunications

• Transporation - rail, road, water, pipeline

• Utilities - solar, power, wind, natural gas, water, steam


• Aerial:

    Video - 4K 24/25 fps; 1080p 24/25/30/48/50/60 fps

    Stills - 12MP


• DJI Inspire 1, Z3 3.5x optical + 2x digital zoom

Cell tower birds nest

Inspecting building façades, roofs, communications towers, overhead power lines, bridges, and other hard-to-reach subjects come with significant risk and cost. Inspection via unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) reduces that risk and cost. Many inspections can be conducted with UAVs to reduce the frequency of sending inspectors and cranes or man-lifts.

Cell tower inspections for example can reveal a troublesome bird nest, corroded terminals, cracking insulation, or an unlogged serial number. Broken roof tiles can be found before the start of the winter or rainy season. All without placing a person in a risky position.

DJI Inspire 1 Z3
Cell tower cables
Broken roof tile
UAV pilot in hard hat