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Why Choose Sierra Pro Aerial Imaging

Why choose Sierra Pro Aerial Imaging LLC as your provider of unmanned aerial imaging services?

• We provide a robust range of imaging capabilities:

     • Standard aerial video and images

     • Professional aerial video and images

     • Night-time flights

     • Ground-based professional video and images

     • Close-up inspection imagery

     • Thermal radiometric video and images

     • Photogrammetric image processing

• Pilots are FAA-certified remote pilots with small unmanned aircraft system rating per FAA Part 107 regulations

• We are FAA-authorized to conduct flights at night with an approved certificate of waiver from 14 CFR § 107.29

• We carry a minimum of $2MM UAS/UAV Liability Insurance with Global Aerospace through BWI Aviation Insurance

• All aircraft are FAA-registered with N-tail numbers

• We maintain strict operating and safety procedures

• We use professional grade equipment and data processing solutions

• We work with federal, state, and local jurisdictions to acquire the necessary permits and authorizations

• Flights are available for scheduling 7 days a week

• Our flight gear is faithfully maintained, upgraded, and calibrated to assure airworthiness and safety

• Our investment in technology, training, certification, and maintenance allows our clients to remain focused on their  

  core competancies